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This page helps you to translate English to Romanian and vice versa. It also includes Romanian language facts and most used English to Romanian translation phrases. For professional translation services to translate Romanian to English and English to Romanian, you can email us your documents to ask for a quote and delivery time.

Professional Romanian Translation


Romanian is a member of eastern branch of Roman languages and it is the official language of Romania and Moldova. Romanian is similar with Latin alphabet and it consists of 31 letters.
The official language of Moldova is known as the Moldavian, but it is identical with Romanian. The reason of this is an article in the Constitution of Moldova.

General information about Romanian are as follows:

  • There are three different "a" letters (a, ă, â).
  • “î” letter is used.
  • “Ş” letter is used.
  • "ț" letter is used.
  • Letter "q" is not used.
  • Letter "w" is not used.
  • The pronunciation of the words is same as they are written.

The letters in Romanian alphabet are those: a ă â b c d e f g h î i j k l m n o p r s ș t ț u v y x z.

A total of 28 million people is using Romanian, with majority located in Romania and Moldova. Impact of Latin is seen a lot and Romanian has a lot of similarities with Spanish and Italian languages. Therefore, someone who speaks Romanian can understand Italian and Spanish at certain levels.

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