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This page helps you to translate English to Italian and vice versa. It also includes Italian language facts and most used English to Italian translation phrases. For professional English to Italian and Italian to English translation services, you can email us your documents to ask for a quote and delivery time.

Professional Italian Translation


Italian is a Latin originated language, part of Roman branch of Aryan linguistic family, which is used by 85 million people in the world. It has similarities with other Roman languages such as French, Spanish and Portuguese. Therefore, anyone who speaks Italian will easily learn other Latin languages.
Considering that almost all of the words in Italian end with vowels and that the accent of the language sounds like a poem has always been interesting for those who wish to learn a new language. Italian is spoken as it is read, and that is one of the aspects that makes the language easy to learn.

Some of the countries where Italian is used as an official language are:

  • Italy
  • Vatican
  • Switzerland
  • San Marino
  • Slovenia
  • Croatia

Italian has many dialects, and this makes it a bit hard to use. As the Renaissance began in Italy, Italian has easily affected other languages in Europe. Italian is particularly impressive in the musical area and it is a language with vast emotional expressions.

There are only 21 letters in Italian. However, it is also possible to hear foreign-originated words with letters such as "k, j, w, x and y".

Italian has some easy aspects in terms of linguistics. For instance; all of the names are depicted as male or female; female gender words usually end with the letter "a" and male gender words end with "o".

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